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Legend of Hand

An epic quest, inspired by point & click adventure classics, Far-East legends & beat em up games of the 80's! · By Cloak and Dagger Games


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Legend of Hand v2.01 now live on
The following bugs have now been fixed: - issues with the inventory bar disappearing when it shouldn't Many thanks! Shaun Cloak and Dagger Games...
Legend of Hand v2.0 now live on
Hi all I've just uploaded version 2.0 of Legend of Hand to It includes the following: - general bug fixes - fixed spelling errors - upgraded engine: no...
Legend of Hand is in the SCABB bundle - 7 games for $9.99!
Legend of Hand is part of the SCABB bundle! 7 point and click adventure games for just $9.99 CHECK OUT THE BUNDLE HERE The SCABB bundle is running until Novembe...
AGS Awards 2017 - Please vote for Legend of Hand!
Hi guys, Legend of Hand has been nominated in 6 categories in the AGS Awards 2017! - Best Game Created with AGS - Best Writing - Best Gameplay - Best Puzzles -...
Legend of Hand - Celebration sale!
Hi guys! To celebrate the recent release of our new point and click adventure FOOTBALL GAME . Legend of Hand is 30% off for the next week! All purchases inc...
Legend of Hand v1.04 update and 30% off sale!
Hey guys, I've just patched the game up to fix a couple of little bugs... and for the next two weeks Legend of Hand is 30% off! This is not only to celebrate th...
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Legend of Hand - 30% off and update!
Hi all, I've just updated the game to fix a small number of bugs that had been reported - and to celebrate, Legend of Hand is 30% off for the next 24 hours! Th...
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I really enjoyed the game and included it in my second Hidden Gems Video. A like/subscribe would help me a ton to contin...
started by Toma Feb 24, 2021
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I've picked up 4 items and made use of the candle. I've interacted with everything that appears to be interactable and n...
started by Lauren Rutz Dec 25, 2020
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Surprise of the week. This looks like a crude project that wont have much weight to it and you'd be oh so wrong. The uni...
started by Toma Jul 19, 2020
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Hello! This game is really amazing an atmopheric! Thank you for this! I don't know if everyone else has this bug, but wh...
started by Zchanbanan Jun 10, 2020
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Hi, first i want to say that i'm really enjoying the game! Unfortunately after I win the "cricket game" and call it a da...
started by pikkiomania Jun 23, 2020
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Hi guys! To celebrate the recent release of our new point and click adventure FOOTBALL GAME . Legend of Hand is 30% off...
started by Cloak and Dagger Games Feb 28, 2018
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Sorry it's taken so long!! Here it is!
started by CaptainD Jan 29, 2018
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Does the purchase include a steam key? Amazing game by the way
started by tga Dec 18, 2017
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